Frequently asked questions:

Q. - Is there a mailing list devoted to Imagine?

A. - Yes. Please go to the following address to join the Imagine Mailing List. From this site, it is also possible to search the archives for information, tutorials, tips, links to users WEB sites and galleries etc.

Submissions to the list may be sent to:

Please add at least one of the following text items to the start of the subject header:

Q. - I've heard rumours about a PowerPC version of Imagine, is this true?

A. - Yes, there has been a beta version of the PPC stand-alone rendering engine available to ACUP subscribers for some time now.
Check out the PPC graph page for a quick overview of some initial benchmarks.

Q. - I use the Amithlon Amiga emulator on a PC. Imagine appears to work OK except that brushmaps do not render - whats wrong?

A. - The FPU emulation of Amithlon contained a bug which resulted in this problem. We provided a copy of Imagine to the emulators programmer, who then tracked down and fixed the bug in the emulator. A patch was released at the Amithlon support site to solve this.
Note: We officially only support the use of Imagine on a native Amiga, and not through an emulation system.
We have recieved user reports that the software works fine with emulators such as Amithlon or WinUAE, but we cannot guarantee or verify such claims. If it works, then great but please remember that it is not officially supported.

Q. - Imagine doesnt work!

A. - If your Amiga matches, or exceeds the minimum requirements, then this should not happen. Please try removing all "patches" from your Startup-sequence & User-Startup files, and from your WBstartup drawer. If the problem still persists, then send an email to the support address, which can be found in the contact page. Imagine has been tested, and works fine on almost any Amiga configuration supported.

Q. - I've been using textures, but some of them dont work!

A. - All textures have a mix/morph value which can be set in the object attributes window. Setting it to "0" will turn off the texture, while setting it to "1" will show the texture fully. (a value of "0.5" fill show the texture at 50% strength) If the texture does not appear to work, then make sure that the mix/morph value is not set to "0".

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