Site update log:

26th May 2009

- Updated Survey page.

18th June 2008

- Updated links page.

14th April 2008

- Added Imagine timeline section.

16th July 2007

- Corrected broken links to thumbnail images on downloads/projects page.

7th May 2007

- Our webhost is now certified as "green" - carbon neutral!

3rd Sep. 2006

- Added a number of rendered images to the gallery pages.

19th Aug. 2006

- Revised year date to 2006 on page footers. Removed FAX number from contact page.
Corrected Font on FAQ page.

6th May 2006

- Updated etutes/Imagine page to correct the URL of the Imagine Mailing List.

7th Feb. 2006

- Updated main page of the ACUP download area to include the new URL of the Imagine Mailing List.

24th Jan. 2006

- Updated information on specific pages to include the new URL of Imagine Mailing List.

4th Sep. 2005

- Added the bugtracking and enhancement request database system. Login to the ACUP download
area to access this facility.

29th Aug 2005

- Implemented SSI on webpages. Fixed some broken links whilst going through the pages..

3rd May 2005

- Fixed broken link on electronic-tutorials page, section P.

31st Mar. 2005

- Updated news page, moved to new webhost, added 'favicon', updated currency convertor hyperlink
on ordering pages.

13th Jun. 2004

- Updated news page and moved news entries earlier than Jan 2004 to an archive page.
Added new entries to the Links page.

6th Jun. 2004

- Added OS4 tools page to downloads section.

21st Feb. 2004

- Updated news page.

20th Dec. 2003

- Updated news page.

22nd Nov. 2003

- Updated news page.

28th Oct. 2003

- Updated Imagine FTP site link on links page,
Fixed some broken links on the gallery and animation pages.

12th Oct. 2003

- Updated news page.

21st Sep. 2003

- Updated news and links pages.

16th Aug. 2003

- Various news updates.

12th May 2003

- Various news updates.

11th May 2003

- Various news updates.

21st Jan. 2003

- Added Fax number to the Contact page.

1st July 2002

- Added new postal address to the Contact page.

1st June 2002

- Added 2 entries to the Frequently Asked Questions page - PowerPC rendering, and Amithlon.

January - May 2002

- Various news updates and minor tweaks to the site.

2nd Dec. 2001

- Added "cristOclasPackRend1" render to the first gallery page, and re-arranged others to suit.

7th Nov. 2001

- Added a downloadable Imagine project archive to the rendering time results page.

6th Nov. 2001

- On the downloads/general page, fixed broken logo graphic for the link to IOPE.
- Updated the graph on the rendering time results page.

17th May 2001

- Added "Point reduction" link to the tutorials/modelling page.

29th Apr. 2001

- Updated gallery page 5, website address of Mike McCool.

24th Mar. 2001

- Updated hyperlink to Bill Boyce tutorials Gasses and Blobs.
Added "Multipass" to the Lighting and effects tutorial page.

28th Jan. 2001

- Added IOPE.lzx to the downloads/general page, and made minor tweaks to the AutoCAD site.

21st Jan. 2001

- Incorporated AutoCAD productivity website link to main CADTech navigation bar.

14th Jan. 2001

- Added DS-Media website and Liam Welfords email address to the links page.

7th Jan. 2001

- Updated the following pages to complete the website new look:
APDF, AREXX, Brushmaps, Demo, GlobalFX, GUI, Objects, Projects, Texture, QuakeGUI.
Added Gamma correction item to "tutorials/more tutorials/Imagine Information" section.

3rd Jan. 2001

- Added 5 pages of sample animations to the downloads/animations section.
Amended titles of pages to reflect page subject (some were named "Products")

27th Dec. 2000

- Added ImagineFTP address to the links page.

26th Dec. 2000

- News pages modified. Moved news from 1999 and previous years into an archive page.
Added new pictures to gallery, and rearranged pictures within the pages.
Updated contrast of the highlight colour of the main navigation bar.

24th Dec. 2000

- Website redesigned.

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